I am new to the idea of a blog. Being, by nature, a quiet, private person, it is taking some time to get my head around it. A blog feels like a diary and I do not have a favorable history with diaries.  My most outstanding memory of diary-keeping is that of encountering, at about age 11-12, my brothers reading my secret fantasies out loud to the entire neighborhood. I threw the diary away, and have not kept one since. I rarely even write in a journal; only when traveling.

So this is a time of newness. I am entering a new decade. I am organizing a new studio and I am attempting a new chapter in my photo series, Plant Life. Plant Life is one of many ongoing bodies of work. I tend to work on several projects at once.

With Plant Life, I have been exploring my relationship to nature by documenting my ongoing attempt to grow things. Having no horticultural ability at all, so far, I have primarily recorded my failures, although last summer, with much help from my husband, I grew radishes. He would water them when I forgot. I’m not sure if that counts.

I now have a few seeds for an Elm tree. I received them at an exhibition at Artspace, New Haven. I meant to plant them this past spring, but I was busy. I’ve now begun to photograph them

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  1. joe Fucigna says:


    Your work is wonderful. I see a lot of growth in your work


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