Plant Life

I always thought that I could grow things, but I have yet to prove myself correct.

This is my own personal green initiative. I began this project unassumingly, documenting my pathetic attempts to grow spices (Plant Life: First Attempts). When I was invited, in 2005, to participate in The Seed Project, begun by David Cohen, founder and editor of The Artworld Digest, it developed into a series.

Having no horticultural ability at all, I thought I could rise to the challenge. I planted wheat grass. My seeds did germinate. They did grow, and the plants were beautiful; but ultimately I was unable to sustain it. As in prior attempts at gardening, my photographs document both process and ultimate failure. However, I viewed them as not just failure, but also perseverance. I tried again—basil. No success. I have just planted radishes. Whether they thrive or not, the photographs will hold their own enigma.